Use the Outputs on B308 for RSC+ app Output control

Bosch Solution 2000/3000 can support 2 x B308 Output Expansion Modules.

Please set the Address Switch of B308 as below:

First B308:

Second B308:

If you want to use the outputs on B308 for RSC+ app control, please set the Event Code for the Outputs to “Remote Control“.
Please use below Event Code for RSC+ app control:

Let’s take the first Output on B308 to control the Garage Door as an example.

B308 Output 1
Event Code06462
Event Code06478
Time Base06492
Time Base Multiplier06500
Time Base Multiplier06511

You will see “Output 1” on your RSC+ app then you can click on “Output 1” then Turn on/off your Garage Door.

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