Solution 2000/3000 – Difference between Duress Alarm and Panic Alarm

Differencebetween Duress alarm and Panic alarm:

  • Duress alarm can only be triggered by typing in the user code with 9 or 3 at the end on the codepad. RF keyfobs cannot generate Duress alarm.
  • Panic alarm can be triggered by Codepad and RF keyfob.
    • Codepad panic alarm
      An audible codepad Panic Alarm activates when a user presses either [1] and [3] or [STAY] and [AWAY] simultaneously.
    • Keyfobs (e.g, HCT-4, RFKF-TB, RFKF-FB,  RFPB-SB, RFPB-TB) can trigger RF keyfob Panic alarm, please check below.
    • Select Option 1 in Location 493 to program Codepad Panic Alarm and Keyfob Panic Alarm as silent (refer to System Options 2, page 139). A Codepad Panic Alarm transmits Contact ID Event Code 120 if the system reports to a base station receiver.

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