Solution 2000/3000 – How to add a 3rd domestic number

Domestic calls will only be triggered upon alarming conditions. It will not send Open/Close or Disarm/Arm reports to the domestic users.   

Actually when we use [9][6][5] to do domestic default, the system will change Zone Status Report / Arm.Disarm Report / System Status Report to “2 = Report to Receiver 2”.   

On previous firmware versions (earlier than 2.0), Solution 2000/3000 can only support up to 2 domestic numbers. There was no problem to set the Report routes to Receiver 2 because there was no Receiver 2 in the system. But on the latest firmware version 2.0, the system can support up to 8 domestic numbers and it may cause a potential problem when there is a 3rd domestic number.   

Please confirm how many domestic numbers you plan to put into your alarm system, if there is more than 2, please manually change the Transmission Format of Receiver 2 or Receiver 3 or Receiver 4 to be 4 = Domestic. Also you need to manually change below reporting routes to be 0 = No reports allowed.   

  In this way, the domestic reporting is correctly set. 

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