First Time Use… AlinkPlus and the DLA

When you first install the AlinkPlus software and you wish to then Direct Connect to a  Solution 2000 or Solution 3000 panel , you must install the USB drivers for the DLA on your computer.

The DLA Drivers are already on your PC , they are in the AlinkPlus folder where you installed the software.

You will need to connect the DLA to a COM port on your pc  and then go into the DEVICE MANAGER  

select Ports   COM and LPT

You will probably see the USB device but it will have a yellow triangle to indicate it has no driver.

You must then right click on the USB device and select  Update Driver.

You then need to BROWSE to the following

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bosch Security System\A-Link Plus\USB_DRIVER\DLA      then click OK

The driver should then be installed and you should be able to connect to the panel and upload and download.

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