Add additional Codepads to Bosch Solution 2000/3000

By default, only codepad 1 is switched on. 

If you want to add additional Codepads, you will need to check the DIP switch settings for IUI-SOL-ICON or IUI-SOL-TEXT to make sure your codepads will be recognised.

For IUI-SOL-TS5 and IUI-SOL-TS7 codepads, you will need to go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Change Address to set the address.

Once the Address settings have been changed you will need to assign the codepads to the relevant areas. 

By default Codepad 1 is allocated to Area 1.


If you have 1 Area and 2 codepads, on IUI-SOL-ICON codepad, the programming will be:

Location 518 = 1 (Codepad assigned to Area 1)

Location 519 = 1 (Codepad assigned to Area 1)

On IUI-SOL-TEXT / IUI-SOL-TS5 / IUI-SOL-TS7, the programming will be:

MENU 51, then use the Down Arrow button to highlight “Codepad 2” followed by [#], then use the Down Arrow button to highlight “1 – Area 1” followed by [#].

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