How to perform AlinkPlus programming via a Permaconn unit

In AlinkPlus we need to create a panel profile as normal for the panel to be connected to (eg: One Solution  S3000  V2.0)

To check and manage the connection settings we must go into   FILE then COMMUNICATION SETTINGS.

You will see as below.

We do not need to change the Modem Registry String settings, we can just use the standard ALinkPlus AT Strings.

We also need to ensure we are setting connect  to VCOM via Modem Port not Direct Link Port.

Device Compatibility:

PM45v3, PM35v3 and PM1048 support Bosch 844, 880 and Solution 16 but not Solution 2000/3000

PM54 supports all of the above including Solution 2000/3000

Thanks to Permaconn for providing the Device Compatibility information shown here

If you have tried the above and still having issues you may need to speak to Permaconn Tech Support on 1300 55 66 43

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