Setting up B426-M or B450-M for RSC+ using AlinkPlus software

Setup for RSC+ using the AlinkPlus software.

We can use AlinkPlus to setup a panel to have access to the Bosch Cloud and the RSC+ service.

  1. Create a new panel in AlinkPlus

In AlinkPlus under   Customer then New Customer

We must enter a Customer number   ( can be any number commonly the Subscriber ID)

then enter a Customer Name and click on the SAVE           

2. We must then create a Control Panel Configuration 

We will do this for either a Solution 2000 or Solution 3000 panel

Solution 3000

Solution 2000

Remember to use the Cloud the panel must be firmware V2.0 or higher.

Remember to SAVE.  

3.  We then need to do our basic panel programming 

Setting up as required the 

  • Users
  • Zones
  • Outputs etc.

Next, we can setup for RSC+

4.   We must tell the panel we want to use either the B426-M or B450-M and B443 to connectto the Bosch Cloud Service.

We select to use the Module under Comm then Network Config

If we have two modules, we must do this for each   (Network Module 1 /Network Module 2)

We must also enable Cloud Connect 

5.    If we are using the B450-M and B443, we must also program the Mobile network provider APN name.  

This is the Primary Network Access Point name.

Each Service Provider has a different APN.

Remember to SAVE     and then download to the panel.

6.    To connect to the panel using AlinkPlus via the Cloud we must ensure the UID is programmed.

Each module has a unique 21 Digit Cloud UID   

We normally scan this into the RSC+ App on your phone

We must also enter at least one Cloud ID in AlinkPlus under the Customer Information Tab 

This then allows us to connect

When we are connected and ONLINE we will see the UID/s for our modules.

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