Bosch Solution 2000 / 3000 F&Q

I’ve added a second keypad and it’s not working. #

Change the address of the keypad to 2 (DIP Switch 2 and 6 ON) and allocate the keypad to an area at LOC 519

I have fault 7 / 3, what does this mean? #

Keypad 1 fault, check the tamper spring is closed on the back of the keypad.

How do I allocate a remote to a User? #

Master code + 1 # (301 = user 1, 302 = user 2 etc ) # # Zone 1 – 16 flashed, Push button on remote (Keypad will beep to indicate signal received) # #

I have installed a CSPTR800BD on a 3000 using the white plug on the WE800 port but the remotes don’t work?  #

Since you are using the WE800 port on the 2000/3000 you need to put the receiver into WE800 mode (Default is RF3212E mode) to do this turn on Dip Switch 2 ON. (Does not support wireless detectors)

How do I setup a STAY zone. #

Select the Zone you want to automatically disable in STAY mode and set the Zone Options 2 to 15.

How do I setup a B426m IP Module? #

Enable the IP Module LOC 81 = 3 and tell b426m to connect to the CLOUD LOC 4456 = 4

I enabled the B426m but its not connecting. #

IPV6 comes enabled by defaut, if its not connecting try disable IPV6 in LOC 4021 = 0

How can I confirm the IP Module has connected to the cloud? #

Installer code + 123. Zone 1 & 2 will display, solid = online, flashing = offline.

How do I make my external siren strobe flash when I arm/disarm from a remote? #

LOC 492 = 5

My external siren beeps when I arm/disarm from a remote, how do I turn it off or turn the volume down? #

LOC 491 = 0

I have a comms fail fault on receiver 3, how do I turn this off because I’m not using receiver 3? #

Disable the receiver at LOC 1450 = 0

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