IndigoVision HD Interceptor Camera; 36x Lens; Wiper; Twin Heater; IR250W with Sunshroud

SKU: IV511486

Interceptor: It catches bad guys in the dark so you can sleep easy.

In the darkest of nights, the IndigoVision HD Interceptor PTZ makes easy work of catching criminals.

Covert, infrared lighting enables the Interceptor to track suspects 1800ft/550m away.

While overt white lighting enables it to track suspects 820ft/250m away, and allows you to capture close-ups in full color in full HD video.

Once they’re intercepted, the bad guys can run but they can’t hide.

Watch the video and see the Interceptor in action.

The Interceptor Pan/Tilt/Zoom. Designed to make bad guys know they’ve been caught in the act, and you feel safe.