Assa Assa LTS900, Pre Loaded Electric Strike

SKU: LT119001-000

Bringing the latest in technology to the market, the ES9000 represents the next generation in electric strikes.

It offers new features, such as the ability to open with up to 25kg of “pre-load” pressure on the keeper.

It is also extremely flexible offering field selectable fail safe/fail secure and multi-voltage 12-24 volt as standard features.

Key Features
  • Operates under Pre load up to 25kg
  • Easy field selectable fail safe/fail secure
  • Full monitoring
  • Multi voltage 12v-24v
  • Continuously Rated Solenoid
  • Latch keeper is significantly quieter in operation
  • Mounting tabs as standard
  • Non handed - field changeable to required configuration
  • Australian designed and made